Submit User ID Investigation Form

Use the Submit User ID for Investigation form if you suspect that there has been a security incident, such as unauthorized use of a user ID, misuse of LexisNexis® services to obtain sensitive information about companies or people, etc. At your request, LexisNexis® Security Investigations will investigate an ID's usage in more detail.

Company ID

The Company ID or Billgroup ID of your company.


The ID you used to sign in.


Your name or the name associated with the ID that you used to sign in.


The e-mail address that is on record for this ID.

ID

The sign-in ID of the user you want to investigate.


The name associated with the ID you are investigating.

Activity performed by

Enter the name of the user whose activities are suspicious if it is different than the user associated with the ID.


Select the product the user accessed or tried to access.

Period of Use

Enter the date and/or time that the activity occurred. Any date and time format is accepted.


Describe the suspicious activity in as much detail as you can.

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