Selected Sources Tray

The selected sources tray appears when you click on the View link next to the number of currently selected sources. This tray lists that collection of sources starting with the most recently selected source. This view is useful since you may have selected sources from several different pages.

The following describes this tray's various controls:

push-pin iconClick to pin the tray to the select sources pages keeping it displayed while you navigate through them to build your custom collection of sources. While pinned, the list of sources displayed on this tray will be updated as you select or clear sources.
pinned push-pin iconThis icon indicates that the tray is currently pinned to the select sources pages. You can click on it at any time to unpin the tray from those pages.
DeleteClick on the Delete link next to an individual source to remove it from this collection.
Remove AllClick on the Remove All link to remove all the sources from this collection so you can start over.
CloseClick on the Close button to close the tray without affecting any of your source selections. This button only appears when the tray is unpinned.
OK - Continue

Click on OK - Continue to return to your search form. Your current collect of sources will be listed in the Sources either individually or by the collection name you gave it. This button only appears when the tray is unpinned.

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