Search Alerts Page

Search Alerts automatically provide updates to your search results at specified intervals. To set up a Search Alert, click on the Save this Search link on any Search form or on the Save Search link on the Results page. Then, select the Save as Search Alert tick-box.

Delete selected item(s)Select a checkbox next to one or more alert names and then click on this link to delete the selected items.
Plus/Minus iconClick on the plus icon (plus sign) next to the name of the alert to view the results archives, organised by date. Click on an archive link to view the results for that date. When there are no results, dates do not appear in the archive list.
Name LinksClick on the alert name to view the latest documents. New Documents appears next to an alert when there are new results.
ArchiveAfter you select an update, you may enter the desired search terms in the Archive text box and search your update results from the last 90 days. You may use connectors (AND, OR, AND NOT) between terms to more accurately specify what you are looking for.
RunClick on this link to run the search manually. The next scheduled run will only include results that have appeared after the manual run is completed.
Transactional Content Additional Charges Icon
The additional charges icon appears next to sources or documents that are outside of your subscription plan. Click on the icon to view a summary of the extra charges you may incur for using this item.
Change (Schedule)Click on this link to edit the schedule for a search.
EditClick on this link to change the settings for Search Alerts, including the topics, sources, frequency and delivery options.

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