Result Groups Form

Use the Result Groups form to display a specific group of documents within your search results. For example, you may wish to view the list of results from a specific document type only (cases, legislation) or from a specific court. The available Result Groups vary depending on the content of your search results.

Select Group

(Not available for every source, and options will vary). Select from the drop-down list to view specific categorised results:

  • Source Type
  • Court
  • Source Name
  • Title
  • Topics
  • Table of Contents
Note: If you have previously tagged any checkboxes for delivery in the Results page (right pane) within one Result Group, the checkboxes will not remain tagged if you select a different Result Group. However, the checkboxes you select will remain tagged as you switch between categories within the same Results Group.
Tip: You can choose which result group appears by default by clicking on the Preferences link at the top of the page.
Result Groups Display

The group you are viewing is highlighted in the Result Group display (the highlight changes if you change groups). Result Group categories that contain the most documents are listed first.

Show/hide subcategories
Click on the plus sign next to the category name to display any subcategories and sources associated with it. Click on the minus sign to hide the subcategory.
View a category's list
Click on any category name to view the list in the Results page (right pane).
All Results link
After viewing your filtered list in the Results page, click on the All Results link at the top of the Result Group display to return to the original list.
Unclassified Documents link
If available, click on Unclassified Documents to view other un-categorised documents.

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