Recent Searches Page

Recent Searches lists all searches you have run over the last seven (7) days, with the time, date, and number of documents found displayed in columns. You may run, edit, or delete any Recent Search. You can also schedule it as a Search Alert.

RunClick on this link to run the search and display the results.
Transactional Content Additional Charges Icon
The additional charges icon appears next to sources or documents that are outside of your subscription plan. Click on the icon to view a summary of the extra charges you may incur for using this item.
EditClick on this link to display the search form and change the search criteria.

Click on this link to schedule a Recent Search as a Search Alert.

Note: Some sources might not be available to schedule as a search alert.
Delete Selected Item(s)Select a checkbox next to one or more Recent Searches, then click on this link to delete those items.

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