General Settings

Change any settings on the General form and click Save. To return to the previous page without changing settings, click Cancel.

Start PageFrom the drop-down list, choose the search form or Practice Area Page you would like to see each time you begin a session. For example, select the Cases search form.
Password / User ID

Click Change my Password to modify your security settings, such as your Password.

Click My ID to display the ID that Customer Service needs to provide you with assistance.

Project ID

If you select the Remember the last used project ID the next time I sign in option, each time you sign in to Lexis®Library, the system will continue to use the same project ID that you were using when you last signed out. If you select this option, you may still change the project ID at any time during your research by clicking on the Project ID link at the top of the page.

If you select the Prompt me for a Project ID each time I conduct a search option, the system will display the project ID entry page each time you conduct a new search.

SecuritySelect the Use Secure Connection (SSL) for Entire Session checkbox, if you would like to research in a secure environment. Check with your System Administrator, if you have any questions.
Regional DisplayChoose the Language and Time Zone. For example, English and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
SaveClick this button to save any changes you have made.
CancelClick this button to return to the previous page without making any changes to your settings.

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