What are UK Legislation Status Snapshots?

UK Legislation Status Snapshots are a tool for legislative research, unique to Lexis®Library. They provide all the applicable information available about the Act or provision in one place.

UK Legislation Status Snapshots can be searched from the Legislation search form. You can also access the source from the right-hand Find out more boxes within UK Parliament Acts and individual provisions.

UK Legislation Status Snapshots contain all or some of the following parts:

Commencement details from Halsbury’s Is It In Force: These are held for Acts of general application in England, Wales and Scotland and General Synod Measures passed between 1 January 1960 and the present date.

Amendment details from Halsbury’s Statutes: Amendment details are held for every Act that has been published by Halsbury’s Statutes since 1929. However, Acts repealed before that date and Acts that apply only locally (including Acts applying only to Scotland) are not generally included.

Stop Pres information: Stop Press serves as an alert to pending amendments. It is updated daily and can be found by clicking the red Stop Press icon at the top, and on relevant sections of the affected enactment or provision. Stop Press is available on all enactments that have outstanding edits and are still being worked on. Any Stop Press alert will be applied to the affected enactment on the day of publication to Lexis®Library.

Enabling Act: Statutory Instruments (SIs) are made under the authority of an Act of Parliament. There are up to 3,500 of these published annually. They most often are made under the authority of a particular provisions of an Act, known as the enabling Act or authority. The sections under which it is made is known as the enabling sections.

Related Cases: Cases available on Lexis®Library that cite the Act or provision in question.

Related Commentary: Commentary available on Lexis®Library that cites the Act or provision in question.

Halsbury’s Annotations: The collection of annotations which appear in the 50 volumes of Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales. The annotations provide precise information relating to: parliamentary debates, amendments and repeals, derivation notes in the case of consolidating legislation, commencement, cross-references to other provisions of the Act and to other relevant provisions in Halsbury's Statutes, judicial interpretation, subordinate legislation and references to words specifically defined in the Act.

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