Create New Users Form

Use this form to set up new journal-distribution users. You can create users manually (one at time), or perform a bulk upload to create multiple users simultaneously.

ManualSelect this option if you wish to create each new user manually.
Bulk UploadSelect this option if you wish to upload a .csv file with a list of new users.
Last NameEnter the user's last name.
First NameEnter the user's first name.
EmailEnter the user's email address.
Add another userClick this button to display one or more sets of fields for the user's Last Name, First Name, and Email address.
Note: If you wish to delete a set of these fields before you create the user, click the X displayed to the right of the email address.
CreateClick on this button to create the user.
User FileFor a Bulk Upload, click on the Select File button and navigate to the .csv file that contains the list of new users you wish to upload.
Note: Each entry in the file must contain the user’s last name (column A), first name (column B), and email address (column C).
Preview FileClick on this button to display the selected .csv file and review it for accuracy.
CreateClick on this button to create the new users.
CloseClick on this button to complete the process.
CancelClick on this button to cancel the procedure.

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