User Administration

What is user administration?

The User Administration tool allows Nexis®UK customers to manage their own user accounts without assistance from customer support. With the User Administration tool, you may:

  • Add new users
  • Reset a user's password
  • Manage limited subscriptions by suspending, reactivating, and permanently deactivating user IDs
  • Change the way users interact with the product by assigning users to preference groups
  • Customise the list of sources for users on certain search forms

To create a preference group or to change a user's subscription entitlements, contact your account representative.

Note: Service Express customers may contact customer support to delete a user.

What is a subscription group?

A subscription group is an entitlement to a set of sources, which determines the content that a user is allowed to access in Lexis®Library. Users who share the same subscription group usually have similar jobs.

When you add a new user, you copy the subscription groups of an existing user. However, you may not change an existing user's subscription groups using the User Administration tool. If you need to change an existing user's subscription groups, contact customer support.

What is a preference group?

A preference group is a collection of default preferences and application settings. Administrators assign individual users to one preference group per product, and the user inherits the group's settings. Users who share the same preference group usually have similar jobs.

For example, if you have a Personal Injury group, you may wish to set the Personal Injury Damages form as the default home page for this preference group. All members of the Personal Injury group will then automatically receive this setting. Users can override any of the default preferences unless you lock the options.

Or, if you want all research that the Corporate Tax group conducts to be encrypted for maximum security, you can change the group settings for their preference group to require an SSL connection for their entire research session. Users cannot override any of the application settings that you assign to a preference group.

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