What is the Frequently Associated Index Terms feature?

When two Index Terms appear in the same document, they are most likely related. The Frequently Associated Terms feature finds other Index Terms that appear in the same documents as the Index Term you are viewing. The results are based on documents that have been indexed in the past seven days, so this list is especially helpful if you are looking for related hot topics.

For example, if you were viewing information about the Industry Index Term Internet Auctions, you would not normally expect to find the company MICROSOFT CORP listed as an associated Index Term. However, if Microsoft announced that they intended to take over the auction company eBay, many news stories would be written that link those Index Terms. As a result, Microsoft would quickly become a Frequently Associated Term for the internet auction industry.

Frequently Associated Terms differ from the Related Index Terms that are also shown on the Index Term information page. Frequently Associated Terms have been linked by recent events, while Related Terms have fundamental relationships that remain constant over time.

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