Find Sources Results Page

This page displays the results of your Find Sources request.


Icons indicate additional information to help you with your source selection.

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"I" icon Source Information Icon
To learn more about the contents of a source, click on the "i" icon to the left of the More sources link. The document that appears generally explains such things as: coverage, frequency, update schedule, content summary, publisher and available document sections.
Folder icon Folder Icon
Click on the category name next to this icon to see that folder's contents.
Single Source icon Single Source Icon
Indicates a Single-source file. Click on the source name next to this icon to search only this source.
Multiple-source icon Multiple-source Icon
Indicates a group of related sources that may be searched together as though they were a single source. The sources contained in Multiple-source files also appear as individual sources in the Sources tab.
Aggregate-source icon Aggregate-source Icon
Indicates an Aggregate-source file. These files contain multiple sources and may be searched together like Multiple-source files. However, the sources contained in Aggregate-source files do not also appear as individual sources in the Sources tab.
Transactional Content Additional Charges Icon
The additional charges icon appears next to sources or documents that are outside of your subscription plan. Click on the icon to view a summary of the extra charges you may incur for using this item.

Click on the Browse link next to a source name to browse this source's table of contents or index.

Note: Some sources do not have tables of contents or indexes and cannot be browsed.
Name Selected Sources

This feature is inactive until you select a source. Once activated, it lets you assign a name to the custom collection of sources (up to 50) you selected. Then, when you click on OK - Continue to return to your search form, that collection of sources will be listed in the Sources drop-down using that name.

Note: Not all sources can be combined. If the checkbox next to a source is grayed out, you cannot combine it with others.

If you expect to use this custom collection of sources with other searches, you can select the Save as a favorite checkbox to save it as a favorite using the name you specified.

You can also click on the View link to display a selected sources tray that lists all the sources you selected starting with the most recently selected source. Using this tray's controls, you can...

  • Click on the push-pin icon (Pin icon) to pin the tray to the find sources pages keeping it displayed while you navigate through them to build your custom collection of sources. The list of sources displayed on this tray will be updated as you select or clear sources. The pinned push-pin icon (Unpin icon) indicates that the tray is currently pinned to the find sources pages. You can click on it at any time to unpin the tray from those pages.
  • Click on the Delete link next to an individual source to remove it from this collection.
  • Click on the Remove All link to remove all the sources from this collection so you can start over.
  • Click on the Close Window button to close the tray without affecting any of your source selections.
  • Click on OK - Continue to return to your search form. Your current collect of sources will be listed in the Sources either individually or by the collection name you gave it.

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