How do I find an SI?

  1. Open the Legislation search form.
  2. Enter the full or partial title of the SI in Title. If you only enter part of the title, use connectors to link your search terms. For example, to search for the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004, a simple search such as consumer AND settlement in Search terms will suffice.
  3. If the year is known, enter it in Year.
  4. Select the SI checkbox.
  5. If known, enter the Series number.
  6. If the name of the SI is unknown, use Search terms to type in key words relating to the required SI, for example, best value AND transport.
  7. Select the appropriate source from the Sources drop-down list. It will default to All Subscribed Legislation Sources, but you may wish to use a smaller source, such as UK Parliament SIs.
  8. Click on Search to retrieve your results.

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