How do I find an Act?

  1. Open the Legislation search form.
  2. Select the appropriate source from the Sources drop-down list. It will default to All Subscribed Legislation Sources, but you may wish to use a smaller source, such as UK Parliament Acts.
  3. Select the Act checkbox.
  4. If you know the title or part of the title, enter search terms in Title, giving the year if known. If you only enter part of the title, use connectors to link your search terms. For example, to search for the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, a simple search such as financial and markets will suffice.
  5. If you also know the section of the Act, enter the section number in Provision.
  6. If you only know the year and the chapter number, enter the year in Title and the chapter number in Series number.
  7. If the name of the Act is unknown, use Search terms to type in key words relating to the required Act, for example, anti-compet! and insolven!.
  8. Click on Search to retrieve your results.

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