Find Documents with Similar Topics Form

Use this form to find documents that cover the same topics as the document you are viewing. The form displays the themes (or "Index Terms") that are discussed in the current document, grouped into four categories: company, industry, subject, and geography. You may choose any combination of the themes displayed and then do one of the following:

  • Re-submit your search, adding the selected Index Terms as search criteria
  • Narrow your current search results to documents that match the selected terms
Add topics to search checkboxesSelect the topics that match the themes that you would like to research. You may choose any combination of terms in the company, industry, subject, and geography categories. If your search already contained topics, those terms are selected by default.
Modify Search with SelectionsRe-submit your search, adding the Index Terms you have selected.
Narrow Search with Index TermsSearch your current results for other documents that match the terms you selected.
Show Major and Minor Index TermsDisplay all Index Terms related to the current document. By default, the form only displays terms that are related to the document by a score of 85% or more.
Show Relevancy ScoresDisplay the scores that show how closely each Index Term is related to the document.
Clear SelectionsClear all of the Index Terms that you have selected.

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