How do I change my list of sources in My Bookshelf?

Perform the following steps to select up to 105 of your favourite sources (15 per category) to be displayed in the My Bookshelf list.

  1. From the Home page or a Practice Area page, click on the Edit source list link on the My Bookshelf form. The Edit Source List window appears.
  2. For each category (Cases, Legislation, etc.), select up to 15 individual sources by clicking on the checkboxes provided.
    1. If you do not see a source you're looking for in the list provided, click on Find more sources to browse the source directory.
    2. Select sources from the source directory by clicking on the checkboxes next to the source names.
    3. When finished, click on OK—Continue to return to My Bookshelf. Any additional sources that you have chosen are now included.
  3. Click on Save when you are finished.
  4. Organize your sources by dragging and dropping them as desired. Also, to delete an unnecessary source, click on the X to the right of the source name.

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