How do I change my project ID?

A project ID is a unique identifier for a project or client. When you associate a project ID with your research activities, it allows your organisation to track and manage costs more effectively.

Depending on the preferences you or your administrator have set, you may be prompted for a project ID every time you run a search or every time you log into Lexis®Library. You may change the settings for project ID prompts in your preferences if your administrator has given you permission to do so.

To change the project ID at any time:

  1. Select Project ID from the user drop-down menu located in the global navigation header.
  2. The options you have differ depending on whether or not you have previously assigned a project ID.
    • If you have not assigned a project ID before, enter a New ID.
    • If you have previously assigned an ID, you can enter a new one, or choose an existing ID from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on Set to associate this ID with your research.

The project ID you enter will be associated with your research until you change it again, but the project ID you used for any previous searches will not change.

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