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Use this page to locate a source by browsing the sources available to you. If you are looking for a specific source, click on the Find Sources subtab.

Browse Sources ByChoose how to view the source directory by selecting an option. Some of these options may not appear, depending on the type of sources you are browsing and your subscription.
Filter by CountryUse this drop-down list to view only sources for your country, or to view sources from each country included in your subscription. If you have access to sources for only one country, you won't see this drop-down list.
Filter by TopicsUse this drop-down list to view only sources related to a specific topic. The list is grouped into major categories.
Filter by PricingUse this drop-down list to view all the sources available to you, including transactional sources (sources for which you will incur an extra charge), or to view only sources that are part of your flat-rate subscription. Transactional sources are indicated with an British Pound Icon icon.
Filter by Publication TypeIf you did not select the Publication Type browse view, you may use this drop-down list to view only a specific type of publication.
Filter by Group/Single SourceUse this drop-down list to view only stand-alone sources, or only sources that are grouped with others.
See AlsoWhile you are browsing sources, the LexisNexis® service will suggest additional sources in other categories (under other folders) that you might also like to view. If there are multiple choices, select from the drop-down list and click on Go; click on the link if only one additional source is displayed.
Jump toWhile you are browsing sources, the LexisNexis® service lists them in groups of 50. If you would like to skip chunks and focus on one grouping, select from this drop-down list.

Icons indicate additional information to help you with your source selection.

Previous Page Icon
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Next Page Icon
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"I" icon Source Information Icon
To learn more about the contents of a source, click on the "i" icon to the left of the More sources link. The document that appears generally explains such things as: coverage, frequency, update schedule, content summary, publisher and available document sections.
Folder icon Folder Icon
Click on the category name next to this icon to see that folder's contents.
Single Source icon Single Source Icon
Indicates a Single-source file. Click on the source name next to this icon to search only this source.
Multiple-source icon Multiple-source Icon
Indicates a group of related sources that may be searched together as though they were a single source. The sources contained in Multiple-source files also appear as individual sources in the Sources tab.
Aggregate-source icon Aggregate-source Icon
Indicates an Aggregate-source file. These files contain multiple sources and may be searched together like Multiple-source files. However, the sources contained in Aggregate-source files do not also appear as individual sources in the Sources tab.
Transactional Content Additional Charges Icon
The additional charges icon appears next to sources or documents that are outside of your subscription plan. Click on the icon to view a summary of the extra charges you may incur for using this item.

Click on the Browse link next to a source name to browse this source's table of contents or index.

Note: Some sources do not have tables of contents or indexes and cannot be browsed.
Name Selected SourcesIf you want to give the sources you selected a descriptive name, enter it in this box. The name you enter will appear in the source drop-down list on the search form.
Save as a FavouriteIf you want the sources you select to remain permanently in your source list, select this checkbox.
OK - Continue

Click on this button to return to your search and use all of the sources you selected.

Note: If this button is disabled, you have not yet selected at least one source.

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