w/n Connector

Use the w/n connector to find documents in which the first word appears within "n" words of the second one.

For example, the following search finds documents where the word "vicious" occurs within 3 words of "dog".

vicious w/3 dog

Specifying the value of "n"

When choosing the value of n, these guidelines may prove useful:

Choose this...For search words to appear here...
w/3 - w/5in approximately the same phrase
w/25in approximately the same sentence
w/75in approximately the same paragraph
Tip: Although you may choose any number for n, you may want to choose a number less than 100. Choosing a number greater than 100 is likely to retrieve documents in which your search words are used in unrelated contexts.

Using Multiple w/n Connectors

Multiple w/n connectors are processed from the smallest to the largest.

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