Update Sharing Information dialogue box

Use the Update Shared Information dialogue box to view information about a folder or document you have shared with one or more other users. For shared folders, in addition to viewing sharing information, you can also resend pending invitations, delete pending invitations, share with additional contacts, stop sharing with selected contacts, and stop sharing with all contacts. For shared documents, you can also resend pending invitations and share with additional contacts. If you have added annotations to the document, you can either enable the shared contacts to view your annotations or prevent them from doing so.

To view or update folder sharing information, open the shared folder select Actions at the top of the folder, and select Update Sharing Info from the list that appears.

To view or update document sharing information, open the folder containing the document, then do any of the following:

  • Select the checkbox to the left of the document name and select the Update Sharing Info icon (Update Sharing Info).
  • Open the document and select Update Sharing Info at the top of the document.
  • Open the document and select the Update Sharing Info icon (Update Sharing Info) from the document toolbar.
Folder/DocumentIdentifies the name of the shared folder or document.
Stop sharing this folderAppears for folders only. Select the checkbox to stop sharing the folder. This prevents all users with whom you have shared the folder from accessing it.
Shared byIdentifies your user ID as the name of the user who has shared the folder or document.
Enter a peer's name and select to share. To share outside group, enter an email address.Enter a user's first or last name or email address to find it in the list and add it to the list of users you want to share it with. The list of users shows who you are currently sharing the folder with. Select Editor or Viewer permission for each user in the list:
Indicates the user may view items in the folder, and add or modify notes for the items.
Indicates the user may only view items in the folder.
Allow recipients to view all your annotations and highlights?
Note: You'll only see this option if you have made annotations in the document and shared them with recipients.
Leave permissions as is
Select this to use the permissions you selected when you saved the annotation in the document.
  • If you selected Allow recipients to view your annotation for an annotation when you made it, the recipients you are sharing with now will be able to see the annotation.
  • If you did not select that check box, the recipients will not see the annotation.
If you select this, all recipients will be able to view all annotations and highlights in the document.
Don't allow
If you select this, recipients will not be able to view any annotations and highlights in the document.

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