What is a legal topic?

A legal topic is a specific area of interest meaningful to legal researchers.

LexisNexis subject experts and information professionals have created a comprehensive list of such legal topics. For each legal topic, the LexisNexis experts and professionals have defined a specific set of rules that identify the words, phrases, and relationships between them that are typically found in documents related to the topic. They have arranged the legal topics into a hierarchy and have thoroughly tested both the individual topics and the hierarchy to verify relevance, accuracy and effectiveness.

As each document is added to the LexisNexis database, specially designed software algorithms analyse it to determine the topics to which it is related, and the names of those topics are stored with the document as metadata. Later, when you base a search on one or more of the topics, Lexis Advance Pacific is able to use the metadata to identify the documents related to those topics.

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