What is Table of Contents browsing?

Note: The Table of Contents is only available for publications having this structure, such as statutes and treatises.

In full document view, you can use the Table of Contents to display a document's location within a publication and navigate to other documents in that publication. For example, if you are viewing a specific Statute section, the Table of Contents displays the structure of the entire statute, showing the names of the sections before and after the one you are viewing.

From the results list view, you can display the Table of Contents for a publication by selecting the View Table of Contents link in the results list.

When the Table of Contents is displayed, you can:

  • Select the right-facing arrow Expand to the left of a section to expand the section
  • Search the headings and/or documents (or both) in the Table of Contents for specific search terms, publication names, or part of a name.
  • Select the search icon Add to search to the right of a section to search for specific search terms in that section.
  • Select links in the Table of Contents to quickly view other sections of the publication.
  • Display a document in the publication in a full-screen view.

When a section is open in the full-screen view, you can reopen the Table of Contents by selecting Table of Contents to the left of the document. Select it again to close it.

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