How do I view the contents of Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties?

You can use the Tax Overview tab of Lexis® Tax to review the contents of Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties, which features in-depth analysis of all relevant Internal Revenue Code provisions and Treasury Regulations and Rulings, annotated text of every U.S. income tax treaty, as well as key features such as practical examples, diagrams, summary status sheets to identify all treaties and agreements currently in force, concise general rules, and examples and tables to speed and simplify your work. It is divided into the following major topics:

  • Publication Information
  • What's New
  • Part I Taxation of Americans Operating Abroad
  • Part II Foreign Persons' Activities in the United States
  • Part III Analysis of U.S. Income Tax Treaties
  • Part IV Analysis of Other U.S. Tax Agreements
  • Appendix A Tax Treaties and Agreements
  • Appendix B Model Tax Treaties

You can retrieve information in the following ways:

  • Search for a keyword or phrase in just the headings of the table of contents.
  • Search for a keyword in both the table of content's headings and documents.
  • Search for a keyword in documents only.
  • Browse the document using its Table of Contents navigation tool.

To search Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties:

  1. At the Lexis® Tax Home page, while viewing the U.S. International practice area, select the Tax Overview tab. The Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties page appears.
  2. Complete one of the following steps:
    To...Do This
    To search for a specific keyword or phraseLocate the Search the Table of Contents box in the Narrow By pane, enter your search terms in the search box, and choose which parts of the document you want to search from the drop-down list.
    To browse through the Table of ContentsSelect the right-facing arrow to expand the related section. Repeat this step until you locate the section or part of the document you want to view, and then click its link to view it.
    To add a specific section of the source to your searchClick the Add Source to Search icon (Add to Search) next to the section name.
    To add a section to a work folderSelect it and click the Add to Folder icon (Add to Folder). See How do I save a document from my results to a folder? for details.
    To download, print, email, or send a section to DropboxSelect it and click either the Email icon (Email), the Download icon (Download), the Print icon (Print), or the Send to Dropbox icon (Send to Dropbox). See Deliver Your Results for details. (To specify your delivery settings before completing the delivery, click the Delivery Settings icon.)

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