How do I save a tax source as a favorite?

When performing a search using Lexis® Tax, you can select any number of sources to limit your search to. This can make it easier to review your results and make the best decision for continuing your research. Sometimes you may find you want to reuse sources you've already applied to a search. You can do this using either of the following methods:

  • You can explicitly save these filters as favorites.
  • You can have Lexis Tax automatically keep a short history of sources you've used in searches you've performed.

Then, when performing new searches, you can review and use either a favorite source or a recently used source.

You access both your favorite sources and recently used sources from the Recent & Favorite Sources pod of the Lexis Tax Home page. While viewing this pod, you can remove sources you no longer want to view or use. Additionally, if you are viewing a recently used source and you want to save it as a favorite, you can select the Favorites icon (Favorite) next to it.

To save a source as a favorite:

  1. On the Lexis® Tax Home page, select the source you want to save from any of the pods located on the page.
  2. Click the star (Favorite) next to the source you want to save as a favorite. The star turns yellow (Favorite) to indicate that the filter has been saved as a favorite. It is also added to the Recent & Favorite Sources pod.
  3. To remove the filter from your favorites, select the Remove Favorite next to it.

Favorite filters are saved in the list until you remove them.

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