How do I restrict my tax search to specific sources?

While searching with Lexis® Tax, you can limit your search to a specific set of primary and secondary tax sources within your federal, state and local, or U.S. international practice area. While viewing these sources, you can:

  • Add the source to your search.
  • View information about the source.
  • Review the table of contents for each source.

To complete these different tasks:

  1. Click the Sources tab at the top of the Lexis® Tax page.
  2. Optionally, to narrow the list of sources, choose an option from the Narrow By list. (For example, you can filter by Jurisdiction, Practice Area, and so forth.)
  3. Complete any of the following steps:
    • To add a source to your search, locate the source you want to view and click the Add this source to search icon (Add to Search). The source is added to the search box.
    • To view information about the source, such as its publisher, coverage, and so forth, click the View source information icon (View source information).
    • To view the documents related to the source, click the source name drop-down list and choose Get all source documents from the list of options. The list of documents appears for you to review.
    • To save a filter to the Favorites pod of the Lexis Tax Home page, click the source name drop-down list and choose Save this source as a favorite.
Tip: You can also filter your sources at the main Lexis® Tax Home > Search page. To do this, locate the source you want to search in one of the source pods on the page. Then, select the Add this source to search filter icon for the source.

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