How do I perform a tax search?

You can use Lexis® Tax to search cases, regulations, and other primary and secondary sources, including the entire Internal Revenue Code Title 26. In addition, Lexis Tax lets you search in a specialized area of tax law (such as Federal, State, International, etc.) as well as analytical materials (such as treatises and newsletters) in the same area of law.

Your results will include links to related core documents including final, temporary, and proposed regulations, committee report excerpts, and United States Code Service (USCS) annotations - just to name a few.

To perform your tax research:

  1. At the Lexis® Tax Home page, click the Search tab.
  2. Enter your search terms in the search box.
  3. Optionally, narrow your search by selecting the Add this source to search filter icon (Add to Search) from any of the source pods below the search box. (To later remove the source, click the Remove from search icon (Remove from search) next to the source name, or click Clear to remove all filters.)
  4. Click Search.

Once you've performed your search, you can view your results.

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