Search In a Specific Source

Note: The information in this topic applies to Lexis® URL API users. This application programming interface (API) lets users execute tasks in Lexis® using URLs, rather than the standard user interface. Please contact your LexisNexis representative if you would like additional information about this feature.

Use the source parameter to search in a specific source. You can use multiple sources, separated by a period. If you don't specify a source, all sources are searched.

Contact your LexisNexis® account representative to find out the value for the sources you want to search.

The source parameter is optional. It is shown below in a URL using search terms.

URL Template{search-terms}&{source-id}


* Please contact your account representative for a valid source value.

searchIndicates the user wants to run a search and view the results.

Query parameter that contains the search syntax. Use %20 in the URL to replace spaces between words in the search string.


Query parameter that specifies the source. Contact your your LexisNexis account representative to find out the value for the source you want to search.


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