How do I use the Search Within Results: feature in Shepard's®?

Before You Begin:

You must first run a Shepard's® search before you can narrow your results.

On the Citing Decisions tab, you can narrow your results by entering search terms into the Search Within Results box.

Important: Use this option only in results of less than 10,000 citing documents. If the number of citing document exceeds that limit, use another filter option first to reduce the number of results to fewer than 10,000.
Note: These terms are treated as terms and connectors search terms.
Tip: The Search Within Results filter only searches documents that are online.
  1. On your Shepard's®Citing Decisions tab, scroll down to the Search Within Results box, if necessary.
  2. Enter the search terms you want to use to narrow your results.
  3. Click OK.

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