How do I search based on text I have selected?

Use the Search Selected Text feature to find all the documents that contain text that is similar to text you have selected in a document from your results. The search will be based on relevant terms in the passage you select, and can help you find other documents related to a topic you are researching.

  1. In an open document, use your mouse to select the text you want to base your search on. You can select up to 1,000 characters. A menu appears with options for working with the selected text.
    Note: There is no minimum amount of text you can select, but you should select text containing the search terms that are important to your research.
  2. Select Add to search. The Search Selected Text dialog box appears, displaying the text you selected.
  3. The filters you used for the original search are displayed. You can use the same filters or click Clear to remove them.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Select from the Category, Jurisdictions, and Practice Areas and Topics filters if you want to change these options.
    Note: Changing these options also changes them in the search box at the top of the results page.
Note: If you select more than 1,000 characters, you'll see a notice displaying the first 1,000 characters of the text you selected, so you can review the text to ensure that it contains your relevant search terms.

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