How do I create searches using selected document text as search terms?

You can select text in an open document and create a search using the selected text as your search terms. If desired, you can edit the text before performing the search.

To create a search using selected document text, follow these steps.

  1. Use your computer's pointing device to select the text you want to use as the search terms in a search. The selected text menu appears.
  2. Select Add to search. The Search Selected Text dialogue box appears and displays the selected text in an unlabeled text box.
    Note: The text box may contain no more than 1000 characters of text at a time. If you select or add (see next step) more than 1000 characters, the characters after the first 1000 characters are truncated.
  3. In the text box, make any edits to the selected text/search terms you feel are required.
  4. Select Search to execute the search.

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