How do I restrict my search to a specific date or date range?

You can restrict your search to a specific date or date range by using the date tool on the Advanced Search form, or by entering your search terms and one of the following date restrictions in the search box.

=Date ismedical w/3 malpractice and = 2/21/1992
<Date beforespanish w/3 currency and < 1990
>Date afterinsurance w/3 premiums and > 1/20/2009
<=On or beforeSports w/3 bankruptcy and <= 01/1976
>=On or afterBoat and seizure and >= 5/23/1999
> [begin date] and < [end date]Date rangeMayor w/3 Peoria and > 01/01/1960 and < 12/31/1980
  • Including the word date as part of the date restriction is unnecessary and may produce unexpected results. Searches should not include the word date.
  • Use numbers, not words, to specify a month: Sports w/3 bankruptcy and <= 01/01/1976.

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