Add Search to Folder Form

This form allows you to save your search so you can run it again in the future. After you save a search, you can access it again by selecting the Folders link in the More drop-down list at the top of any page or by selecting an option from the Folders pod on the Lexis® home page.

Save Options tab
Save Search
Enter a title for the search, or keep the title that is displayed.
Store Narrow By selections for
Category I'm currently viewing (Category Name)
Select this to store the selections you made under the "Narrow By" filters for the category type you are viewing.
All categories
Select this to store the selections for all the categories you searched in.
Enter any notes you want to about the search.
Save In
Select the folder you want to add the search to, or select Create New Folder to create a new folder.
Share With Others
Enter a peer's name and select to share.
To share with others within your network or group of users, enter the peer's name. To share with users outside your group, enter the user's email address. Click Add to Share to add the name to the list.
Selected Users
The names of the users you will be sharing this folder with.

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