Date Formats

To restrict your search to a specific date or date range from the Date section on the Advanced Search form, select a date or date range from the drop-down list, then enter the date (or the starting and ending dates). You can either select a date from the calendar icons (Calendar) or enter it using this format:

     Mmm dd, yyyy

Or you may use any of the formats in the table below.

  • When you add a date or date range to your search, it is not added to the search query shown in the search box although it is added to your search.
  • If you include a date in your search, your results will contain documents with that publication date; documents with the date in the document text will not be included.

Any of these formats may be used.

Mmm. d, yyyyJan. 1, 1999
mmm. d, yyyyjan. 1, 1999
Mmm d, yyyyJan 1, 1999
mmm d, yyyyjan 1, 1999
Mmm d, yyJan 1, 99
mmm d, yyjan 1, 99
Mmmmmmm d, yyyyJanuary 1, 1999
mmmmmmm d, yyyyjanuary 1, 1999
Mmmmmmm d, yyJanuary 1, 99
mmmmmmm d, yyjanuary 1, 99

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