How do I restrict my results to specific categories?

  1. Submit your search request and review your results.
  2. In the Category section of the Narrow By pane, select the categories you want to restrict your search to. For example, to restrict your results to case law, select Cases. To select more than one category, select Select Multiple.
    Note: If you are viewing your results in the Cases category, Category is not displayed in the Narrow By pane because your results are already narrowed to the Cases category and can't be narrowed any further. However, some categories, such as Analytical Materials can be further narrowed down, so the subcategories are displayed under Category when you are viewing your results from the Analytical Materials category.
  3. To return to your original results set, select the Remove icon (Close level) next to the categories displayed at the top of the Narrow By pane. To remove all filters at once, select Clear.

Your results are updated to show only documents of the categories you selected.

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