What is a Lexis Advance® Pacific practice center?

A Lexis Advance® Pacific Practice Center provides customized, curated content with fast access to the top sources, news, and key legal topics for your practice area or a jurisdiction. You can perform much of your research from your practice center, while still having access to all Lexis Advance Pacific content and products from the viewpoint of your practice area or jurisdiction.

You can open a practice center from the Browse drop-down menu, or set it to be the first page you see when you sign in.

The content available from each practice center varies, but all practice centers have a search box at the top. Links to sources, news, favorites, and so on are organized into a number of "pods" on the page. A practice center may include any of the pods below, but not every page has all of them.

Top Sources
The most-respected and most-accessed legal sources for the practice area or jurisdiction. You can select from these sources, or click View all sources to select from all sources.
Sources and topics you have selected in recent searches or saved as favorites
News & Analysis
Current news stories from the news sources relevant to the practice area or jurisdiction
Key Topics
Topics that are most relevant for the practice area or jurisdiction

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