or Connector

Use the or connector to find all documents that contain either or both of the words or phrases linked by the or connector. The location of the word or words within the document does not matter. For example, the following search finds all documents that contain the word "ship" and/or "boat":

ship or boat

The or connector is useful for finding synonyms, antonyms, alternative spellings, or abbreviations as in the following examples:

Synonymsship or boat
Antonymsreasonable or unreasonable
Alternative spellingstakeover or take over
Abbreviationsbritish broadcasting corporation or b.b.c. or bbc

Using multiple or connectors

For search expressions containing two or or connectors, the search retieves all documents containing any of the connected words, phrases, or logical units, regardless of their location in the documents.

For more information, see How multiple search connectors are evaluated.

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