near/n Connector

Use the near/n connector to find documents with search words that appear within "n" words of each other. The value of "n" can be any number. Use near/n to join words and phrases that express parts of a single idea or to join closely-associated ideas.

Words or phrases linked by near/n must be in the same section (a specific part of a document). Either word may appear first.

For example, the following search finds documents in which both words appear in the same section, within three or fewer words of one another.

richard near/3 branson

It retrieves documents containing the words Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Richard Branson and Branson, Richard.

Specifying the value of "n"

When choosing the value of n, these guidelines may prove useful:

Choose this...For search words to appear here...
near/3 - near/5in approximately the same phrase
near/25in approximately the same sentence
near/75in approximately the same paragraph
Tip: Although you may choose a number for n, you may want to choose a number less than 100. Choosing a number greater than 100 is likely to retrieve documents in which your search words are used in unrelated contexts.

Using Multiple near Connectors

Multiple near/n connectors are processed from the smallest to the largest.

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