What does the Run search as ... option do?

When you enter a search, you don't need to enter your terms using terms and connectors or natural language guidelines because Lexis® automatically determines which type of search to perform from your search terms. For example, if you enter budget and deficit, Lexis will run a terms and connectors search, because the connector "and" is part of the search.

When your search results are displayed, you'll see an Actions drop-down menu at the top (next to your search terms). When you select it, one of the options is either Run search as natural language or Run search as terms & connectors, depending on which way your original search was run. If you would like to see what your results are when the alternate search type is used, select the option. Your search will be run again automatically and your results will be displayed. You may find that your results are slightly different when run with the other search type.

Note: You can also rerun a search from the history Research Map. For more information, see How do I rerun a search?

Refer to the help articles below for more information about natural language searching and terms and connectors searching.

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