How do I view metadata about an organization's document and use it to navigate through the document ?

Note: Lexis® Search Advantage is available by subscription. Please contact your sales representative if you'd like more information.

Once you are viewing one of your organization's documents within Lexis® Search Advantage, an About This Document pane appears to the left of the document. This pane contains information about the document, such as a list of citations, entities, and relevant taxonomy topics. You can use this information to quickly view important metadata included in the document. You can also select links associated with this information to navigate through the document.

To do this:

  1. View your organization's document in Search Advantage.
  2. Locate the About This Document pane on the left side of the page.
  3. Locate the type of information you want to view and, if necessary, select the Expand icon (Expand) to view the list of options. (Once a category is expanded, select Show All to fully expand a partially hidden list.)
  4. Complete any of the following optional steps:
    • Click a specific link in the About This Document pane to view the first instance of that text within the document.
    • Click the Next (Next) or Previous (Previous) icon to move between specific citations, names, or other types of metadata.
    • Within the document itself, select an entity name to view related external or internal content.

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