How do I limit my search results to show only those documents for my organization?

Note: Lexis® Search Advantage is available by subscription. Please contact your sales representative if you'd like more information.

Once you have completed your search, any of your organization's documents that contain your search term are included in your results list, along with all results from other sources available at Lexis®. If you choose, you can view just a list of your organization's documents.

While viewing your organization document results list, you can search for related documents, based on client name, matter, document type, and document author. You can also filter the document list as well as open the document to view it in its native format (either Microsoft Word or PDF).

Finally, you can view a summary of Shepard's Signal™ indicators for each individual document in your results list.

To do this:

  1. Complete your Lexis search.
  2. Complete one of the following steps to view documents associated with your organization:
    • For the Cited by my firm's documents field, select View the documents.
    • Click the category type on the left side of the page named for your organization.
      Tip: You may need to select More categories in order to see this link.

    A list of just those documents available from your organization's document repository appears.

  3. While viewing the results, complete any of the following optional steps:
Note: To return to your overall search results, select the Snapshot or Cases link in the list of category types on the left side of the page.

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