How do I filter my list of organizational documents?

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The Narrow By box on the left side of the Lexis® Search Advantage search results page offers simple and powerful options for refining your search. You do not need to know ahead of time what document attributes (such as author name) to search for; instead, you can choose attribute values from a list of those found in the documents returned by your search.

Specifically, you can:

  • Filter your search using document attributes.
  • Filter your search using automatically derived categories and entities. (These include powerful LexisNexis categorization capabilities such as Legal Topics and Industry taxonomies and legal-oriented entities such as citations, attorneys, judges, law firms, organization names, companies, and more.)

For example, say you are viewing all of your organization's documents that mention age discrimination. You can filter the list to show just those documents drafted by a specific author. You use the Narrow By tools to do this.

To further refine your search results:

  1. Complete your Lexis® search.
  2. View just those documents from your organization.
  3. In the Narrow By pane, select the expand icon next to the category on which you want to filter your results.
  4. Click a filter. The results list is filtered, based on your selection.
Note: To clear a filter you've assigned, select the X next to the currently applied filter.

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