How do I complete a search for similar organization documents based on client name, matter, document type, or document author?

Note: Lexis® Search Advantage is available by subscription. Please contact your sales representative if you'd like more information.

While viewing the list of documents your search retrieved from your organization's document repository, you can use the information you know about a document to search for related documents. For example, if you are viewing a pleading, you can search your organization's repository for other pleadings. Or, you can search for other documents written by the author of the document you are currently viewing.

To do this:

  1. Complete your Lexis search.
  2. View just those documents from your organization.
  3. Using the links below each type of metadata listed for a document, click the link and select the Search Law Firm for …. For example, to search for other documents that reference the client, select the link next to Client and choose Search Law Firm for [client name]. A results list of related documents appears.

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