About Lexis® Search Advantage

Note: Lexis® Search Advantage is available by subscription. Please contact your sales representative if you'd like more information.

Lexis® Search Advantage is a tool that lets you include your internal document repository when performing research using Lexis®.

For example, let's say you have a Search Advantage subscription and you want to research tip pooling. When you submit your search from Lexis, the tool searches not only the content available on Lexis, but it also searches your internal documents. If it finds documents that contain references to the cases or other legal documents for which you are searching, those documents will be listed in your search results.

The displayed search results Lexis include high-level information about each specific document. For example, you can see who drafted the document as well as the client for whom it was drafted. You can also view real-time Shepard's Signal™ indicators for each citation used in the document. This helps you identify whether your document contains "good law." Using links in the results, you can search for documents similar to the one you are viewing. For example, you can search for documents by the same author or perhaps for the same matter.

Finally, you can select a document title to view the document. All the Search Advantage options you have access to are available within the document.

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