How do I interpret Litigation Profile Suite graph data?

To view information in the various graphs:

  1. Complete your search for an expert witness, judge, or attorney.
  2. At the search results page, select the person's name. That report is opened.
  3. Using the options on the left side of the page, locate the following categories, depending on the type of profile you are viewing:
    • Case Involvement (expert witnesses)
    • Ruling History (judges)
    • Practice History (attorneys)
  4. Once you've located the category, select Verdicts (all profile types) or Dockets (judge and attorney profile types).
  5. In the box containing the different graphs, select a graph to expand it.
  6. Rest your mouse pointer over the different areas of the graph. Information about the case appears in a tooltip.
  7. Click on the portion of the graph in which you are most interested. The view is updated using the filtered data.
Note: When you view individual items in a graph, you essentially apply a filter to the graph. To view the full graph again, you can remove the filter in the Narrow By pane (located on the left side of the page) by selecting the Close icon for that selection. To remove all filters, select Clear.

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