Understanding the Graphs and Charts Used in Litigation Profile Suite

When viewing the Case Involvement, Ruling History, and Practice History pages for the different types of Litigation Profile Suite searches, you can view graphs that visually depict that person's involvement in various cases. For example, if you are viewing an expert witness profile, you can view a graph that shows, by party, who retained the expert. Or, if you are viewing an attorney's profile, you can view a graph that explores his or her cases by how long the case lasted.

Both judge and attorney profiles include graphs that cover both dockets as well as verdicts and settlements. Expert witness profiles include graphs for verdicts and settlements.

Finally, while viewing the Snapshot page, you can view specific documents relating to the data you are viewing in the charts and graphs. These documents appear in the results list below the graphs section.

Note: See How do I interpret graph data? for instructions on viewing detailed information about the graphs.

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