How do I view the ways a judge has been involved in the courts using Litigation Profile Suite?

While viewing a particular judge using Litigation Profile Suite, you can view the different ways he or she has been involved within the court system. For example, you can view the judge's docket, categorized by cases per year, cases by area of law, and so forth. You can also view case opinions, agency decisions (both federal and state), and jury instructions, just to name a few.

Note: While viewing the different sections of the Ruling History page, you can filter your search results to further refine the information you are viewing.

To do this:

  1. Complete your search for a judge. (Search either by name or by jurisdiction.)
  2. At the search results page, select the judge's name. That judge's report is opened.
  3. In the Ruling History section of the left pane, select the option you want to explore:
    To view charts or graphs that describes the judge's involvement in various court proceedingsSelect Dockets.
    To view a chart or graph that describes how cases the judge presided over were resolvedSelect Jury Verdicts & Settlements.
    To view opinions the judge has issued on various casesSelect Cases.
    To view administrative decisions in which the judge has been involvedSelect Admininstrative Materials. You can choose between viewing federal and state decisions.
    To view briefs, motions, and pleadings associated with the caseSelect Briefs, Pleadings, and Motions.
    To view any legal rules the judge issued for jury members who heard a particular caseSelect Jury Instructions.
    To view analytical details about cases from an expert witness's point of viewSelect Expert Witness Analysis.
  4. Once the results for the Ruling History category you want to view appear, select the link for the specific document you want to view. The document appears for you to view.

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