How do I view the ways an expert witness has been involved in cases?

While viewing a particular expert witness using Litigation Profile Suite, you can view the different ways he or she has been involved in various cases. For example, you can view charts that show which parties retained the expert witness and how the cases were resolved, cite lists that describe the outcome of each case, opinions issued by judges associated with the case, and so forth.

Note: While viewing the different sections of the Case Involvement page, you can filter your search results to further refine the information you are viewing.

To do this:

  1. Complete your search for an expert witness. (Search either by name or by area of expertise.)
  2. At the search results page, select the expert's name. That expert's report is opened.
  3. In the Case Involvement section of the left pane, choose the option you want to explore:
    To...Do This
    View a chart or graph that describes the expert witness' involvement in a caseSelect the Jury Verdicts & Settlements link.
    View different analyses for the expert witnessSelect the Expert Witness Analysis link.
    View a list of cases in which the expert witness was involvedSelect the Cases link.
    View briefs, motions, or pleadings which reference the expertSelect the Briefs, Pleadings, and Motions link.
  4. Once the results for the Case Involvement category you want to view appear, select the link for the specific document you want to view. The document appears.

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