How do I view the expert witness' curriculum vitae?

Using Litigation Profile Suite, you can view an expert witness' curriculum vitae, which contains a description of his or her educational background, work experience, associations, awards, and so forth. This can augment the background information available for the expert witness.

To view the CV:

  1. Complete your search for an expert witness. (Search either by name or by area of expertise.)
  2. At the results page, select the expert's name. That expert's report is opened.
  3. Choose the Snapshot link in the left-side pane. An overview of the expert witness' profile appears.
  4. In the box containing the contact information, select the View all Curriculum Vitae link. A list of curricula vitae appears.
  5. Select the link for the CV you want to view. The document appears.
    Note: To either save the CV to a folder or Dropbox, or to print, download, or email a CV, select the appropriate delivery icon. (If you are viewing a results list of available CVs, first select the CVs you want to deliver before selecting the delivery option.)

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