How do I restrict data about individual expert, attorney, and judge profiles?

While using Litigation Profile Suite and viewing the different types of data available for individual expert witnesses, judges, and attorneys, you can filter the data to show only those documents you are most interested in viewing. For example, while viewing Verdicts & Settlements, you may want to view only cases that were tried in a specific court or jurisdiction. Using filtering tools, you can focus your review on the details that are important to you. You can add, remove, and change as many filters as you need.

The filtering tools are located in the Narrow By pane of the different reports.

To apply a filter to your profile results:

  1. Complete your search for an expert witness, judge, or attorney.
  2. At the search results list, select the name for the profile you want to view. The Snapshot page appears for that person.
  3. Using the pane on the left, click the type of profile information you are interested in viewing. For example, select the type of publication you want to view by clicking the Publications link.
  4. Choose your filter from the Narrow By pane.
    Note: Only the top results are listed for each filter. To view the full list of options, select the More link. (To minimize the list of options again, select Less.)
  5. Use the following information to work with the different filters:
    If you want to...Do this
    Narrow your results to documents containing specific search terms or a citationEnter your search terms or a citation in the box under Search Within Results and select OK.
    Narrow your results by the other filters in the Narrow By paneClick the item under a filter heading (such as Category, Legal Topic, Jurisdiction, etc.) that you want to restrict your results to, and select OK. For example, to restrict your results to case law only, select Cases under Category.
    Narrow by more than one category under a filterClick Select multiple, select the checkboxes for the categories you want to narrow your results to, and select OK.
    Restrict your results to a particular date rangeUnder the Timeline filter of the Narrow By pane, use your mouse to move either of the sliders to the left or right until the date range you want is displayed, or enter the dates in the the year fields, and select OK.
    Return to a previous results setClick the X next to your selections at the top of the Narrow By pane to close that version of your results.
    Return to your original results after narrowing them one or more timesClick the Clear link at the top of the Narrow By pane.
    Find your original or Search Within Results search terms in a documentOpen a document from your results, and select the terms you want to find from the Navigate tool at the top right side of the document.

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