Litigation Profile Suite Sources for Attorney Profiles

The following tables list the different content types Litigation Profile Suite searches to find the attorney profiles associated with your search keywords. Additionally, information about how the search is submitted is listed.

Ruling Trends

SourceSearch Query Used to Retrieve Results*
DocketsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
Jury Verdicts & SettlementsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
CasesLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
Expert Witness AnalysisLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
Briefs, Pleadings, and MotionsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
Jury Instruction FilingsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
Administrative MaterialsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology


SourceSearch Query Used to Retrieve Results*
Law Reviews and JournalsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology
Attorney Directoriesattorney name: (first w/2 last)


SourceSearch Query Used to Retrieve Results*
Newsfirst w/2 last w/20 (attorney* or atty or esq! or counsel! or lawyer* or legal represent! or prosecutor* or defen! or JD or J.D. or juris doctor or (doctor w/2 jurisprudence) or law firm or practice or represent!)
Legal NewsLexisNexis proprietary linking technology


SourceSearch Query Used to Retrieve Results*

Content from thousands of Web sites and millions of Web pages, with more being added each day:

  • Governmental agency information (federal, state, local)
  • Informal commentary on legal issues (e.g., blogs specifically for lawyers and legal professionals)
  • General Web information about legal topics
first w/2 last

* Legend:

  • first = A given attorney's first name and alias (connected using or)
  • last = A given attorney's last name

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