What is LexisNexis® Practical Guidance?

LexisNexis® Practical Guidance is an easy-to-use, intuitive practical guidance application that brings together key information and tools. Built for lawyers who handle transactional matters, Practical Guidance is divided into a series of practice areas containing trusted content written by expert lawyers. Each practice area enables you to search or browse for meaningful content.


You can enter words and phrases into the LexisNexis® Practical Guidance search box at any time to find guidance documents. You can also use the drop-down lists below the search box to limit your search to specific content types and practice areas. For more information, see What is a LexisNexis® Practical Guidance search?


The Browse topics pane appears in the left portion of the practice area's landing page. It displays a list of topics associated with the practice area. You can browse through the list of topics and sub-topics to find documents relevant to the matter you are researching.

Checklists and Precedents

The Checklists pod lists a set of checklists associated with the practice area. These checklists provide procedures, step-by-step instructions, questionnaires, and other documents associated with different topics in the practice area. The Precedents pod lists important precedents associated with the practice area.

Latest Legal Updates and What's New

The Latest Legal Updates pod provides links to the latest legal updates associated with the practice area. The What's New pod provides links to new topics and subtopics that have been added to the practice area.

Recently Viewed

The Recently Viewed pod provides links to the documents you have recently viewed, ordered by date from most recent to oldest.

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